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Detection of buried networks with a tracker wire

02 - March - 2018

In relation to the detection of buried networks, the ability to propose technical solutions which are easy to apply and adapt to on-site constraints is often complicated....
For the last few years, you have been able to appreciate our TraceFil® tracking wire detection system for its efficiency and quality/price ratio.

Constantly guided by this extremely operational philosophy, we have enhanced this system with the addition of a connection box, the CABLE BOX TRACEFIL®, which simplifies interconnection between various segments of the tracking wire and passage of the electric signal for continuous network detection.

This box, with all its connections in class IP 68, incorporates a connection cable with the tracking wire as well as copper earth braiding and is supplied in specific packaging for better display on the shelf or display case.
This box may be easily fitted in most common types of surface access points (key-locked doors, manhole covers, etc..) thanks to its integrated fastening system and may be adapted to all types of networks.


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