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3M DynatelTMmarkers and locators

3M DynatelTM markers

For intelligent management of networks, the 3M Dynatel™ solutions offer a complete detection system to warn of damage by locating, marking and mapping the buried networks.

These markers must be put in place during initial installation of the pipe or during routine maintenance work.

There are 2 types of markers:

the EMS version is used for detection of the marker and calculation of the depth at which it is buried.
the RFID version offers the same features as the EMS with the addition of unique identification of the marker and internal memorisation for the storage of data.

Depending on the nature and depth of the network, the markers are available in various shapes, colours and frequencies.


Operating frequencies
66.35 KHZ 83.0KHZ

101.40 KHZ

121.60 KHZ 145.70 KHZ 134 KHZ

3M DynatelTM locators

Detection of markers is carried out naturally by quickly sweeping the target zone with the 3M Dynatel™ locator. Mapping and management of data stored in the internal memory of the RFID markers may be used by a GPS system, via a receiver of the PDA type, tablet or PC.

The extreme versatility of 3M DynatelTM appliances also enable the locating of our other detectable products:

detectable warning mesh incorporating a stainless-steel wire,
TraceFil® tracer wire

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