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TraceFil® devices

Our TraceFil® system is a device which enables detection of buried networks in the X, Y and Z axes.

This system comprises, when ordered as a complete set:

stainless-steel tracking wire reels of different lengths and colours,
CABLE BOX TraceFil® access boxes,
intermediate junction boxes,
end-of-line or subscriber connections,
a crimping tool,
waterproofing gel,
tracer wire connection end lugs,
thermo-retractable sleeves.




The CABLE BOX TraceFil® access boxes are placed in surface access points (key-locked boxes, manholes, etc…) and connected to the tracer wire.

The tracer wire is connected to a surface generator and detection of the network concerned is achieved by passing an electric current through the entire length of the network to be detected via the access boxes.

An appropriate device such as the 3M DynatelTM locator is then used to simply detect this signal from the surface and identify the position and depth of the network in compliance with network identification accuracy class A as defined in the corresponding by-law of February 15th, 2012.

This detection and identification solution is one of the techniques recommended by the standard NF S 70 003.


CABLE BOX TraceFil®  kit for connection of the stainless-steel tracer wire with required fastening elements to the surface access points
The CABLE BOX model is protected and patented.
TraceFil® stainless-steel tracer wire reels

Stainless-steel wire Ø Sleeved wire Ø Sleeve
0.8 mm 1.5 mm Black or yellow HDPE 2,410 m 13 kg
0.8 mm 2.8 mm Green or blue HDPE 1,000 m 10 kg

For further details, please refer to the specific documentation "Technics and tools for identification and detection of buried networks"

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