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News and innovations around our plastic mesh and screens

Samex presents its recent news with some technological innovations and new developments in the detection, location and characterisation of buried networks, site warning and identification, protection of young plants

02 - March - 2018

Detection of buried networks with a tracker wire

In relation to the detection of buried networks, the ability to propose technical solutions which are easy to apply and adapt to on-site constraints is often complicated.... For the last few...

News in agricultural SamGreen® range 2020

New Samgreen® DPA : Corrugated Double Protection Guards: We have developed a new corrugated plastic guard for vineyards subject to severe damage from game animals, or exposed to extreme...

News in construction work Samex® range 2020

Small dimension boundary fence BaliMini: Samex developed a new concept for signalling areas to be flagged. It is an hybrid between signalling tape and traditional construction site boundary...