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SamNet® pallet wrapping film


It is recommended for the pallet wrapping of fruits and vegetables as well as other food products, the packaging of products requiring careful wrapping.

Its mesh film structure enables distribution of all liquid sprayed onto the pallet load and thus avoids moulding and unsticking of labels.


 The Samnet® pallet wrapping film is very economical, 2 turns around the foot of the pallet, once up and once down and the job is done.

Thanks to its high stretch resistance, it retains an excellent form memory and is ideal for use with film pre-stretch wrapping systems.

Our production (width from 47 to 65 cm) may be used for both manual and mechanical pallet wrapping operations.

With a neutral colour as standard, it may be coloured on request

Examples of applications :



Hot pallet wrapping Biscuits, confectioneries, tinned food, fruit juices, beers, lemonades, sugar lumps, pharmaceutical products, dried foods.
Deep-frozen products Ice-cream desserts, pre-cooked dishes, vegetables, fruits, fish, meats
Fresh produce Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, flowers, ornamental plants, nursery plants