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Samex® construction site safety fencing

Samex® construction site large dimension safety fencing

The Samex® construction site fences are intended to provide better warning and identification of your worksites thanks to their specific design, colour intensity and width of strands.

Fast and easy to install. Economical and reusable.

They are essential for identification of worksites and roadworks, but it may also be wise to use them in numerous other sectors where adequate warning and protection may be necessary:

Running, cycling circuits or other sporting events
Work zones
Hazard zones (red, orange)
Gardening work zones (green)
Public access zones (blue, yellow)


Height: 1.00 m and 1.20 m - rolls of 50 meters.
Standard colour: Orange.
Other colours possible depending on order volumes:
Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, etc.

Samex® construction site small dimension safety fencing

Samex has developed a new concept for signalling areas to be flagged. It is an hybrid between signalling tape and traditional construction site boundary fence.

BaliMini combines the advantages of the warning tape and of safety fencing : easy laying  and  high visibility of the traditional safety fencing.

BaliMini has in its meshes a central tape with a warning pictogram or a precaution message.


Height : 30 cm

Length :  rolls of 50 meters.

Standard color : Orange, other colors possible depending on order volumes



Temporary warning sign BaliPan

Warning signs BaliPan Samex® are designed to be easily fixed directly on fencing mesh, thanks to integrated notches.

The size of the warning pictogram provides a good visibility and reinforces the security of your works area.

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