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14 - December - 2023

• In conformity of our environmental policy, our company has reached the ISO 14001 certification 2015 version this summer.

• Our company has been certificated to be in conformity of a French regulation regarding the prevention of plastic pellets dispersion in industrials settlements

• In addition at those environmental certifications, our company is now be able to provide a life cycle assessment data sheet and an environmental impact notation for each product.

• SAMEX is developing a “low carbon” manufacturing process which are integrating recycled raw material in purpose of to propose at his clients a product range with less carbon impact.


SAMEX in addition of his industrial meshes and grids, has settled a 3D impression workshop in order to respond at request of prototyping or manufacturing parts in small series under specific requirements
The FDM technology (filament sediment) allows to use many printable materials, PLA PLA compostable and to print parts of 16.5 cm3 (Height: 300 mm-width: 200 mm et length: 275 mm) and to operate most protocols of 3D printing ,STL, OBJ, 3MF etc.….

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